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 Tom Leahy’s presentation:

Questions from the supervisors:

Marshall Ecker’s question/comment:


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Sorry about poor quality, who would have known that the meeting would be so… delicious?!

Item 5: Items to be added to the Agenda:


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Presentation by Tom Leahy, Director of Public Works, City of VA Beach, VA

For the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Tuesday, July 5, 2011










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Virginia Beach uranium study flawed, report says
By TIM DAVIS/Star-Tribune Editor
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 9:29 AM EDT

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R&B article


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Great thanks to all who showed for the BOS meeting tonight.

I am not a reporter/journalist so the following is just personal observation and opinion.

Above is the R&B story re: tonight’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting. VUIs Walter Coles Sr. (who owns the mine/ VA Uranium Inc.) and Jr., Henry Hurt (father of Sen. Robert Hurt, who is an investor in VA Uranium and who often speaks on behalf of VA Uranium Association), Joe Aylor, Patrick Wales (geologist who is a spokes person for VA Uranium Association) were in audience. There were folks from Pittsylvania, Halifax and Floyd County in attendance.

Tom Leahy presented the information from the Michael Baker study remarkably well given the 15 minute time restriction placed on him. When questioned after the presentation, Supervisor Harville asked questions. In “my opinion” the questions he posed seemed to be designed to discredit the VB report. In “my opinion” it appeared that the questions may have been given to him rather than his formulating them during the presentation.

Unfortunately, many folks left after Mr. Leahy’s presentation. There were a couple of other events of interest that occurred during the course of the remainder of the meeting.
County Administrator Sleeper appeared to be on the RTI Advisory Council. The Danville Regional Foundation hired RTI to conduct a socio-economic study within a 50 mile radius of Coles Hill (NC not included). Sleeper asked if the board wished him to continue on the panel stating he was only able to make one of the meetings so far. Harville said no need to continue. Ecker said that someone from the Board should attend. Harville indicated that that was fine w/ him…have a letter drafted to RTI or DRF instructing them to appoint who they want. He basically “blew off” the responsibility of county participation. I ask you, why would a supervisor refuse to take an opportunity to present the county on such an issue? I’m sure VUI’s attendees liked that.

Next, the Supervisor voted 4-2 to amend the county zoning ordinance to remover verbiage which delineates between primary and accessory structures on properties…another “bonehead” move. Supervisor Snead said his constituents did not want to be told what to do with their land and they wanted to get rid of zoning. This probably made VUI very happy…no need to rezone to mine if there’s no zoning ordinance.

And lastly, Harville, Barber and Prichett attacked Supervisor Ecker regarding reports he writes re: county issues for the Star Tribune. Ecker had questioned the lack of a second at last months meeting in order to discuss a resolution to DEQ and DMME that would have requested dialogue re: testing of residential wells around Coles Hill prior to additional core drillings. Ecker had questioned the Boards unwillingness to discuss the issue. Harville bellowed that Ecker move back to where he came from. Barber echoed the sentiment and Mr. Prichett mumbled something about how he represents his district as well as other citizens in the district and didn’t appreciate not being appreciated for the job he does…Crazy, the majority of the wells affected by Coles Hill drilling are in Prichett’s district. And we should appreciate what??? Supervisor Snead seemed to threaten that some action would be forthcoming regarding derogatory comments in the next few weeks.

I am more and more of the mind that we are being ruled by self-serving tyrants.

Now for the R&B story. Crane didn’t stick around either. But he managed somehow find time to give VUI’s consulting geological engineer the last word (see above).



Below is the agenda:


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