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Why I went to France on Virginia Uranium’s dime   http://www.wpcva.com/articles/2011/07/13/chatham/opinion/opinion15.txt

‘Everything to lose, nothing to gain’   http://www.wpcva.com/articles/2011/07/13/chatham/opinion/opinion12.txt

Mr. Gross sets the record straight.  Thank you allen for “taking the heat” and putting the TRUTH out there.  km

Summer Workshop…Roanoke Higher Education Center – Tuesday, July 19, 2011    5:30 PM – 8:00 PM   
 108 North Jefferson Street  Roanoke, VA 24016                              

Keep the Ban on Uranium Mining: Protect Our Health, Our Heritage & Our Future
Join the  Sierra Club, Virginia Conservation Network and Virginia League of Conservation  Voters-Education Fund for one of our 2011 summer workshops.   

    This year’s Legislative Contact Team briefings will focus on the Keep The Ban Campaign giving you a chance to learn more about the problem and supply you with the tools you need to help maintain the current ban on uranium mining in Virginia.
Virginia has a nearly 30-year ban on uranium mining.  Foreign-backed interests are trying to lift the ban so they can mine and process uranium, starting in Southside Virginia.  Drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife and tourism across Virginia are at risk.
The first uranium mining and processing site alone will create 28 million tons of radioactive and toxic waste that will need to be stored in the Roanoke River watershed indefinitely.  A spill or major weather incident could cause this waste to flow downstream contaminating drinking water for over 1.2 million people in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.  Toxic uranium waste has been linked to cancer, kidney failure, leukemia and other severe health impacts.  Uranium deposits have been identified throughout Virginia .  If the ban is lifted it will be lifted statewide.
Agenda:  5:30–6:00: Dinner (Free of Charge)  6:00–7:30:  Program and Discussion
RSVP here if you’d like to attend this event! <http://action.sierraclub.org/site/Calendar?id=155144&view=Detail>
Mary Rafferty  Grassroots Organizing Manager   Sierra Club – Virginia Chapter    Email:
Mary.rafferty@sierraclub.orgOffice:  (804) 225-9113 ext 105
Cell: (401) 862-8749

Did you know Areva, (the company that has been given lots of time to testify as experts for that VA Uranium paid for study to determine if uranium mining is safe) was nominated for a Public Eye Award in 2007?  Trust me it’s not for safety.  According to this 2008 article, “Last year the French mining company Areva was nominated for a Public Eye Award (a recognition intended for companies who brought about the most social or ecological damage) by Pro Natura (Switzerland’s branch of Friends of The Earth), and the Berne Declarationdevelopment campaign. The nomination came from the company’s perceived failure to adequately disclose the risks associated with uranium mining to its workers in Niger, as well as neglecting to treat patients who are unable to pay at company hospitals. Workers also mentioned deaths caused by radioactive contamination of air and ground water.”  


It can all be found here in this online article —  On the dangers of uranium mining  http://texasvox.org/2009/07/08/a-look-at-uranium-mining/

In 2008, according to Wikipedia, “Both the People’s Award and the Global Award were given to French state-owned Areva for the suppression of true health conditions of uranium mine workers at subsidiaries Somaïr and Cominak in northern Niger[8]. Therefore, the hospitals would diagnose patients with HIV when they were actually displaying symptoms of cancer caused by radioactive contamination of air, water and soil.”  


These are the experts Virginians should trust?  We are in big trouble folks.

Attack on NAS unwarranted   http://www2.godanriver.com/news/2011/jul/11/attack-nas-unwarranted-ar-1165611/

McDonnell says safe uranium mining would benefit state   http://www2.godanriver.com/news/2011/jul/12/mcdonnell-awaits-study-says-va-would-gain-uranium–ar-1167563/

Friends:    Here is an excellent resource on uranium mining  and its environmental impacts, from Earthworks.

“Nuclear Power’s Other Tragedy:    Communities Living With Uranium Mining”   http://earthworksaction.org/pubs/Nuclear-Power-Other-Tragedy-low.pdf    from km

The author is an Areva employee http://www.linkedin.com/in/travisgriffin 

URANIUM:  Known Facts and Hidden Dangers  http://www.ratical.org/radiation/WorldUraniumHearing/GordonEdwards.html 

For character assassination editorials regarding the VB study, visit here.   http://www.wpcva.com/chatham/opinion/

“Virginia Uranium can now say that one of the biggest environmental advocates in the General Assembly is unsure on what is fact and what is fiction. This gives them a significant foothold in establishing that there is in fact a debate over whether a completely unsafe practice can be done safely.”



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it appears the official final report will come out about the same time the uranium mining documents are released.


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