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a perfect world…unfortunately, it appears that VUI’s aggressive campaign is doing exactly what it was designed to do…fractionate any opposition to maintaining the ban on uranium mining, milling, associated waste disposal techniques and storage. It would seem reasonable to allow time to gather, study and debate the issues associated with this issue. As the author states, “Lots of information is readily available – more information than the average citizen or legislator can sort through.” However, the information will flow from now until the end of time. There will always be a study and a study to counter that study. Are we to devote all our intellectual and monetary resources to study this issue infinitum? At what point do we have adequate information to make decisions? Never. It is time to institute a permanent ban and pursue legitimate, diverse, sustainable economic growth that will benefit all Virginia residents instead of pursuing ventures rife with potential place various regions and populations at grave risk.

By Katie Whitehead
SoVaNow.com / July 21, 2011

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