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This is a wonderful opportunity for the region’s agricultural community to illustrate the importance of this industry’s positive economic impact and strength.  The Ag Center is just a few short miles from the proposed Coles Hill uranium mine and mill.  Can area farmers and the AG Center prosper in the shadow of uranium mining? A fairly recent and relevant document re:  that question may be found here: http://scholarship.law.wm.edu/wmelpr/vol34/iss2/7/

Is uranium mining, milling waste processing and subsequent storage of its wastes worth the risk to our agricultural industry?



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Our campaign website is up now. Clear opposition to uranium mining is a key part of the platform.


David Bernard
Democratic Candidate for State Senate, 10th District
7508 Marilea Road
Richmond, Virginia 23225

“There are politicians in Virginia, such as my opponent, trying to talk us into offshore oil drilling as if that would cut gas prices. It would have the smallest effect, and that only briefly. They want to mine uranium in our backyard (less than 80 miles from Powhatan, and upwind.) Fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) and uranium are limited resources. Virginia’s four nuclear plants will all reach their 40 year age limit this decade. Any new ones would cost a fortune, as would new coal plants, and all that would be added to our rate base in addition to the fuel cost. Existing power plants can power the energy transition. I acknowledge the costs and challenges of renewable energy. It is a challenge we can meet. Offshore wind, medium-sized solar projects, and comprehensive waste management can capture energy resources readily available. We should not build more nuclear or coal-fired generating plants. We should not drill off-shore for oil and gas and we should keep the ban on uranium mining.”

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